Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patriotic Thrift Store Yarn Wreath

Hey ya'll!  Life has been crazy these days, but I have several projects that I've finished to blog about soon.  I just got engaged, and I have been crafting like crazy with DIY projects--thrifted DIY projects of course--for our wedding!  Today I wanted to show you my patriotic wreath that I made before Memorial Day...the best thing is that it cost about $8 to make!  I got all of the yarn from the thrift store.  The prices of each color varied by how much was on each roll!  The red yarn was $1.00, the blue was 75cents, and the white was 50 cents.  I got a white foam wreath from Hobby Lobby for about $4.00 using a coupon on my phone and then I found some cute star buttons on clearance there for 96 cents each!
Here are all my materials (red, white, and blue yarn, star buttons, and a foam wreath).  I measured the foam wreath, and used a pencil to mark where each section of yarn would go.  I started out with red yarn, and used a hot glue to make a dot to start placing the yarn onto the foam wreath.  When I was finished with the red section, I put one more drop of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.  I repeated this method with the white and blue yarn.  When all of the yarn was on the wreath I used hot glue to put these cute star buttons on it for the finishing touch!

These star buttons were a great deal on clearance!
My cute Army boyfriend (now fiancee) helped me untangle the red yarn!  He's learned that I'm always coming up with some kind of project to do!
The finished project! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Look Through My Window

I love old windows!  I have a ton of windows in my basement calling my name for some awesome projects!  If only I had the time...sigh.  My best friend Sarah recently got married, and she is a thrift store junkie like me.  I wanted to give her something very special--something that nobody else would give her.  I made her a beautiful frame out of an old window with one of her engagement photos.  LOVE!

Then for Christmas I made my best friend in The Burg, Heather, a window frame from one of her wedding pictures. I added scrap book paper to the sides of Heather's photo for that extra pop. Their presents were beautiful, and one of a kind.  But best of all, they didn't cost much to make!

Here is what you need:
1.  An old window
2.  A picture
3.  Foam board
4.  Picture frame wire
5.  Packing tape

I found the picture that I wanted from my friend's Facebook pages, and saved it to a CD.  After you have the window that you want to use, measure it.  I took the CD to Office Depot and told them the size I wanted.  I think my windows were 23 X 37.  They will print it off in black and white if you ask them.  It cost me $5.00 to have the photos blown up.  I just had it printed off with regular paper, but they will also print it off with a glossy paper.  I decided it did not need the glossy paper because of the glass on the window.  (Plus, I'm just cheap like that! HA!)  Then I decided it needed something on the back.  Michael's will cut a piece of foam board for around $6.00 for you.  Then I placed the picture into the window, backed it with the foam board, and used packing tape to hold it together.  Add the picture frame wire...and you're finished!  The look on each of my dear friends' faces was enough to show that it was pretty much the best present ever.  Check back soon for another project with windows!  What kind of projects have you done with old windows?

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Life as a Thrifter

Hey ya'll!  I decided to make a new blog about my love of creating one of a kind treasures out of things that I have found at thrift stores.  I haven't always been a thrift store junkie, but these days forget the mall....I'd rather be thrifting or antiquing looking for one of a kind, unique treasures to furnish my apartment!  My apartment is decorated with finds from antique stores and thrift stores. I love to restore furniture and odds and ends that I have found thrifting. With this blog, I want to share with you the art of thrifting; things to look for while thrifting; thrift/ antique store finds; and DIY projects I have finished.  I consider thrifting/ antiquing not only a hobby--but therapeutic therapy after a long week of teaching!