Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Patriotic Thrift Store Yarn Wreath

Hey ya'll!  Life has been crazy these days, but I have several projects that I've finished to blog about soon.  I just got engaged, and I have been crafting like crazy with DIY projects--thrifted DIY projects of course--for our wedding!  Today I wanted to show you my patriotic wreath that I made before Memorial Day...the best thing is that it cost about $8 to make!  I got all of the yarn from the thrift store.  The prices of each color varied by how much was on each roll!  The red yarn was $1.00, the blue was 75cents, and the white was 50 cents.  I got a white foam wreath from Hobby Lobby for about $4.00 using a coupon on my phone and then I found some cute star buttons on clearance there for 96 cents each!
Here are all my materials (red, white, and blue yarn, star buttons, and a foam wreath).  I measured the foam wreath, and used a pencil to mark where each section of yarn would go.  I started out with red yarn, and used a hot glue to make a dot to start placing the yarn onto the foam wreath.  When I was finished with the red section, I put one more drop of hot glue to keep the yarn in place.  I repeated this method with the white and blue yarn.  When all of the yarn was on the wreath I used hot glue to put these cute star buttons on it for the finishing touch!

These star buttons were a great deal on clearance!
My cute Army boyfriend (now fiancee) helped me untangle the red yarn!  He's learned that I'm always coming up with some kind of project to do!
The finished project!